Partners - Trizetto

Clearing House

When a clinic engages in electronic insurance billing, they have a choice to make ­ ally with a clearing house or go it alone. Trizetto (formerly GatewayEDI) has been there through thick and thin, supporting our users and making the treacherous billing landscape feel a good deal safer since 2008.

Sales: 800-969-3666 ext 2015
Support: 800-969-3666

Partners - Ability

Clearing House

Very often in business, the old adage that “You get what you pay for” proves itself to be true. Ability (formerly MDOn­Line) defies expectations, however, offering our users very affordable, effective clearing house services.

Sales: 888-558-0569
Support: 888-460-4310

Partners - TransFirst

Merchant Services

Credit card processing doesn’t have to be stressful! TransFirst is the only merchant services provider that integrates with Autumn8, allowing users to process credit cards right inside the program and set up recurring weekly or monthly charges as well.

Sales: 888-845-9457
Support: 800-654-9256

Partners - Demandforce (1)

Customer Relations

Social media and web presence are no longer optional components of a modern business, regardless of the size. DemandForce automates patient letters, appointment reminders, customer reviews and promotional contacts, all the while pulling your up to date patient data from Autumn8.

Sales: 415-766-5033
Support: 800-220-1136


Integrated Practice Solutions
Outsourced Billing

Integrated Practice Solutions is a unique Medical Billing company dedicated to providing patient-centered healthcare providers with unsurpassed personalized service. They are committed to helping you reach your highest level of success, while allowing you to re-focus your expertise, energy, and passion on what matters most.

Sales: 888-477-2272 ext 710
Support: 888-477-2272 ext 710