Weekly Update: Accident Report gets a sleek new look!

This week in Autumn8 Notes we have completely overhauled the Motor Vehicle Accident Input screen. We are excited to launch this new screen that makes the MVA input more user friendly while keeping the same capability as the old screen. To access this new screen, open Autumn8 Notes and click Accident Data / Motor Vehicle.  Fill out each box and you’ll see the narrative being built to the right.

-Corrected access violations when adding a patient photo.
-Balances in charges will show when going from the Quick Pay to the Charges screen.
-Date of birth printing 1899 is corrected on visit notes.
-Visits until next exam will now only pop up when there are 2 or less visits left.
-Cursor starts in Subjective in the Just Type screen.
-Grid index out of range error is fixed in the edit existing screen.
-Print visits date selector is shifted back over to the correct place.
-Check in update fixes refresh failed error in Notes.