New Feature: Autumn8 Mailer

Build 416 of Autumn8 introduces the Autumn8 Mailer which allows you to send group emails, On Demand emails, and Recall emails to patients using your customized letter templates. This feature creates email campaigns to a targeted group of patients chosen by a set of filters in the email dashboard. It allows you to directly email patients their receipts or appointment schedule, or even email them when they are late to their appointment or forgot to reschedule. These emails are personalized through a new set of brand new mail-merge tools that can be used to customize each letter template.

To access this feature, download Build 416 of Autumn8 on all of your computers. Then, call Autumn8 support to get the mailer installed. Under ‘Email Dashboard’ at the top, you can access 4 training videos on how to setup your email settings and use each of these features.