New Feature: Diagnosis Favorites

Autumn8 Build 353 and Notes Build 394 debuts a new feature to speed up diagnosis entry: diagnosis faves! We understand that with the launch of ICD-10 came an abundance of diagnosis codes that are rarely used for many of our clients. As it has become tedious to search through the ICD-10 list to find the set of codes you frequently use, we have launched this new feature to cut down on that work. Diagnosis favorites allows you to put your clinic’s most frequently used codes into a favorites list that is then easily accessible during diagnosis entry.

To customize your diagnosis favorites list, go to Masterfiles in Autumn8 and click Diagnosis (ICD-10). Check the box next to the diagnosis codes that you would like to appear in your favorites list and click save. Once that is completed, you will be able to access this list from Autumn8 or Notes during diagnosis entry by clicking “Add Diag from Favorites.” Choose the in use from date on the right, and click once on each diagnosis favorite you’d like to enter for that patient.