New Feature: Lock a Note

Notes Build 384 debuts a new feature providing doctors the ability to lock a note after completion. The locked note feature allows you to prevent a note from future editing by anyone other than providers. In the Users screen under the Master Files menu in Autumn8, you can tag each of your users with a role, and one of those is ‘Provider’. Only users with this provider role will be able to revise locked notes. Locking a note helps prevent tinkering and changes, which can be especially harmful if they happen after notes have been printed and submitted. Additionally, if you find that you are sometimes accidentally overwriting a previous note instead of creating a new one, you can lock the each note after you are finished authoring it, so it is not easily overwritten.

To use this feature, first make sure that each provider is set up under the provider role so that they will have the ability to revise locked notes. Remember, you can do this by going to the Master Files menu in Autumn8, clicking Users and finding the provider’s login, then clicking provider from the list at the bottom. When you are finished with a note and ready to lock it, you can click Lock Note in the top center of the visits screen. If you need to revise the note later, you will see a revise button when you try to edit the note.