New Feature – Patient Recall replaces MIA

Build 405 of Autumn8 introduces a totally rebuilt Patient Recall feature which replaces the MIA screen. This new interface shows much more data on screen, allows for faster, easier documentation of outreach calls, and stores a rich history of your outreach attempts for the patient’s entire life cycle.

Also in this build are the following fixes:

Autumn8 – Default charges no longer confused by multi-unit max allowed
Autumn8 – Backup works properly on SQL2012
Autumn8 – New tool to eliminate small penny balances
Autumn8 – Quick Payment no longer allows more than 2 decimal places
Autumn8 – Center mouse wheel click no longer shouts ‘Kangaroo!’
Autumn8 – Patient Card now uses latest onset
Autumn8 – Add Charges grid is now appropriately sized
Autumn8 – Default Charges no longer allow blank unit rate
Autumn8 – Use Decimal In Diags option now allows 10th diagnosis
Autumn8 – Void can now be chosen as an EDI resubmit code
Autumn8 – Pick Patient now remembers priority after Patient Card
Autumn8 – Patient Detailed Receipt tweaks
A8Notes – Default Doctor now attaches reliably to every note
A8Notes – Palpatory Findings/Objective now allows deletion
A8Notes – Remarks box in Visits screen can now be edited
A8Notes – Palpatory Findings box now prints reliably on Exam/Visit combo