New Feature: Purchase Orders

Autumn8 Build 341 adds an exciting new feature for clinics deal with a lot of inventory: purchase orders! This feature allows you to quickly create and populate purchase orders for each supplier, loading low­quantity products as well as any others you would like to throw in, then keeping track of when those orders have been received. The PO tool also affords you the ability to update the amount of product on hand once the order is received.

To access this feature, go to the inventory report in Autumn8 under the reports menu, administrative tab. Choose the supplier for whom you would like to create a purchase order by clicking “limit to one supplier/work on PO.” Once you have selected your supplier, you will see all products under that supplier, then click “Purchase Order for ‘Supplier’, then add any items you would like to be on that order. When you have received the order, you may return to this screen and click “mark order ‘all received’.” If you would like to update the inventory on hand with the order you have received, you can then click ‘Update on hand with all received items.’