Weekly Update: New Tools! Streamline your first visit note

The visits screen in Autumn8 Notes now includes two new blades to make the first visit more streamlined and efficient: Outcomes and Nutrition. We have re-designed the work-up blade to include the patient’s default notes doctor and the motor vehicle accident screen. The new outcomes blade allows you to see the patient’s past impairment ratings as well as input your new outcome assessments.  The nutrition blade links to the nutrition consult screen and shows what supplements were charged to the patient today.

To access these new blades, go to Autumn8 Notes and click Visits. The blades are listed on the right side of the visits screen. On the patient’s first visit, work through the work up blade from top to bottom and then move on to the x-ray, outcomes, and nutrition blades if you have additional assessments to enter.

Also included in this week’s update:

Autumn8 Fixes:
-Editing diagnosis will not change previous diagnosis entry.
-Diagnosis sets allow you to search for ICD-10.
-Insured gender checkbox in process claims now stays checked.
Feature: New print option for the full appointment book.

Notes Fixes:
-Dataset error for new patient notes.
-Access violations in X-Ray report.
-‘New’ button added to x-ray report.
Feature: Drop-ins can be added to symptom report.