Weekly Update: Clone Your Customizations

This week we launched a new feature in Autumn8 Notes (A8 366, N 402) that allows you to clone your Notes customizations for a new doctor.  You will no longer have to re-enter each of your customizations each time a new doctor joins your office. Also, you can now choose the treating doctor on each exam in cases where the exam doctor is different then the patient’s default notes doctor.

To clone a doctor, click on Masterfiles and then Clinic inside of Autumn8 Notes. Click on the doctor you would like to clone and click ‘clone doctor.’ Then, rename the doctor in the doctor field.

Along with this new feature, this update is packed full of new features and fixes.

New Features:
-You can choose who the patient was referred by in the “Yay! A New Patient” screen.
-Procedure monitoring has a plan total option.
-Drop-in comments can be added to clinic notes at the bottom of visits with the new “add drop-in” button.
-The patient data screen has a link to the quick pay, charges, and apply insurance payments screen. The account and Rx buttons have moved to the “this patient” drop-down menu.
-New option in X-Rays to wrap impressions and/or listings.

-One case, one date printing option is fixed.
-Secondary claims will stay in the queue even if primary claims are printed first.
-The posting of multiple ERA’s to the same claim has been improved.