Weekly Update: Create a default Notes provider by user.

This week we’ve added a new feature to Autumn8 and Notes that allows you to set a default provider for the patient’s notes and charges based on which user is logged into the program. If you have multiple providers in your office that each patient may see, this allows you to skip the step of choosing yourself as the provider before creating the patient’s visit note. If you post charges from Notes, it will automatically choose their billing provider if you set that up as well.

To set this feature up, go to Masterfiles / Users (Create New) in Autumn8. Click ‘User Preferences’ at the top. Choose your login on the left and check the box next to A8 provider if you want the program to automatically choose the billing provider for your user when posting from Notes. Check the box next to Notes provider if you want the program to default to a provider in Visits/Exams, etc. Choose each of the providers you want to default for your login from the drop downs, and move on to the next login on the left.

Also included in this week’s update:

-Rescheduled or canceled appointments no longer count as future appointments on receipts or during check-out.
-Periodic practice stats, charges by category calculates charge amount correctly.
-Statement description posts on ERA’s.
-Feature: We have upgraded the ICD-10 codes to allow for the Oct 1 changes by deleting and adding the new codes to the Masterfiles list. You will need to go into the patient’s accounts who had the old codes to change them to the new ones.

Autumn8 Notes:
-The ‘Needs Notes’ list in Pick Patient sizes correctly.
-When printing exam in visit, exam sections now show up correctly, no longer doubling or leaving out information.
-Symptoms shows correctly on the buttons and will not change order.
Feature: We added a first visit date option in print visits.
Feature: You can now search for charges by description in Notes.