Weekly Update: Enter your Functional Rating Index

This week in Autumn8 Notes we have added the Functional Rating Index to the Outcomes screen in Notes. This feature allows you to compile the patient’s answers to the ten questions into a report including an automatically calculated percent of impairment. When the next FRI is entered, that report will include the previous percents of impairment.

You can access this feature by clicking Outcomes on the main screen of Notes. After selecting the patient, you can choose the Functional Rating Index across the top of the Outcomes screen. Choose the date of assessment and select the patient’s answer to each question and click compile. The results are also accessible in the Visits screen on the Outcome panel. You can print this report by clicking print reports / all others. This report will also print inside the visit note for that day.

Also included in this week’s update:

-Care Plan visits left automatically updates on the appointment book.
-Charges screen will now only warn you once each session that the Care Plan is out of visits.
-Next contact date in MIA will update from missed note.
-Email appointment reminders will not show 1899 date in subject line.
-Monthly stats collections include payments with customized payment types.
-New referrers can be added in MasterFiles.
Feature: New preference to turn off confirm message that default charges have been posted.
Feature: “Same Family” button in patient data now imports insurance policy information, if selected.

Autumn8 Notes:
-New symptom reports include typed additional text in the printed report.
-Range of Motion report aligns correctly.
-Extra space taken out of the Subjective section of visits.
Feature: New ‘keep patient in list’ button for patient load mode screens.
Feature: New option to select default blade in patient load mode screens.
Feature: Range of Motion automatically calculates impairment.