Weekly Update: Procedure Monitoring in Notes

This week’s update included a new feature to Autumn8 Notes: procedure monitoring. Procedure monitoring tracks specific CPT codes for each patient up to the plan total. This can be used to track visits for cash patients or to track procedures for insurance patients that are not allowed more than a certain number of a specific procedure. If you are entering charges through Notes or Autumn8, it will alert you when the patient is getting low on that procedure.

You can monitor procedures inside the visits screen for each patient by clicking “procedure monitoring” in the center of the screen. Enter the procedure you want to monitor, a start and an end date, the number of procedures in the plan, and the warn level (number of procedures left when you’d like the program to warn you). You can add additional procedures to monitor by clicking new.

Also included in this week’s update:

New Features:
-Kyphotic Curve is an option in the thoracic tab in X-Rays.
-Osteoarthritic changes allows multiple segments to be chosen in the “from” column.
-PIN will show on the appointment book even if there is an alert.

-Treatment sets selection box will clear out on a new visit.
-Corrected access violations when leaving Notes.
-First subjective rating on previous visits blade is no longer covered by “ratings.”
-Changing the doctor on a visit will now change to the customizations for that doctor automatically.
-Onset date, reference number, and date of birth are fixed on visit notes.