Weekly Update: Collect more data, more efficiently!

This week’s update debuts two new fields in “Yay! A New Patient”: ’email to text’ and ‘referred by.’ This feature will make the initial contact with a new patient more efficient.  The ’email to text’ field is used to send text reminders to patients. Enter the patient’s 10 digit mobile number and the carrier’s email to text address in that field. The ‘referred by’ field allows you to quickly enter who referred the patient to your office. The referrals are tracked in Autumn8 by the referral report. To access these boxes, click ‘Yay! A New Patient’ on the appointment book screen of Autumn8.

Along with this new feature, this update is packed full of fixes:

-When switching from the quick pay screen to charges screen, the account balances load automatically.
-Process claims screen has a new look with the same functionality to fix issues with the holdups list.
-Self pay patients no longer get a dataset error when clicking holdups.
-Character limit has been extended to 22 characters in patient’s city.
-Visit types no longer repeat on the ‘What type of visit?’ screen when scheduling.
-Warning for CarePlan only shows up once after multiple charges are entered.
-Charges by category on Periodic Practice Stats report uses quantity to determine the total cost.
-Statements choose the correct message based on your selection in that session.
-PIN is highlighted when changing patient if start in PIN is selected in preferences.
-After you save appointment book changes to preferences, the updater automatically comes up.
-Note in top left of the appointment book updates quicker on other computers.

Autumn8 Notes:
-Access violations are corrected in various areas of Notes.
-Clinical Notes always show in the top right of Just Type.
-Electronic signature works for all providers.
-Pick patient screen stays the correct size.
-One of the identified causes of Integer Error when saving visit notes is fixed.
-‘Visits until next exam’ warning only popups up when you hit the warn level.