New Feature: Autumn8 Mailer

Build 416 of Autumn8 introduces the Autumn8 Mailer which allows you to send group emails, On Demand emails, and Recall emails to patients using your customized letter templates. This feature creates email campaigns to a targeted group of patients chosen by

Patient Recall

New Feature – Patient Recall replaces MIA

Build 405 of Autumn8 introduces a totally rebuilt Patient Recall feature which replaces the MIA screen. This new interface shows much more data on screen, allows for faster, easier documentation of outreach calls, and stores a rich history of your


Weekly Update: Create a default Notes provider by user.

This week we’ve added a new feature to Autumn8 and Notes that allows you to set a default provider for the patient’s notes and charges based on which user is logged into the program. If you have multiple providers in


Weekly Update: New look for the Narrative screen!

In Autumn8 Notes, we have completed updated the Narrative screen. Narrative is used to compile all of the patient’s treatment information into one report. This report can include their visit notes, symptom reports, treatment plans, exams, history, outcome reports, and


Weekly Update: Enter your Functional Rating Index

This week in Autumn8 Notes we have added the Functional Rating Index to the Outcomes screen in Notes. This feature allows you to compile the patient’s answers to the ten questions into a report including an automatically calculated percent of impairment. When


Weekly Update: New Tools! Streamline your first visit note

The visits screen in Autumn8 Notes now includes two new blades to make the first visit more streamlined and efficient: Outcomes and Nutrition. We have re-designed the work-up blade to include the patient’s default notes doctor and the motor vehicle accident screen.


Weekly Update: Collect more data, more efficiently!

This week’s update debuts two new fields in “Yay! A New Patient”: ’email to text’ and ‘referred by.’ This feature will make the initial contact with a new patient more efficient.  The ’email to text’ field is used to send text reminders


Weekly Update: Accident Report gets a sleek new look!

This week in Autumn8 Notes we have completely overhauled the Motor Vehicle Accident Input screen. We are excited to launch this new screen that makes the MVA input more user friendly while keeping the same capability as the old screen. To


Weekly Update: Procedure Monitoring in Notes

This week’s update included a new feature to Autumn8 Notes: procedure monitoring. Procedure monitoring tracks specific CPT codes for each patient up to the plan total. This can be used to track visits for cash patients or to track procedures for insurance patients that are


Weekly Update: Clone Your Customizations

This week we launched a new feature in Autumn8 Notes (A8 366, N 402) that allows you to clone your Notes customizations for a new doctor.  You will no longer have to re-enter each of your customizations each time a


New Feature: Diagnosis Favorites

Autumn8 Build 353 and Notes Build 394 debuts a new feature to speed up diagnosis entry: diagnosis faves! We understand that with the launch of ICD-10 came an abundance of diagnosis codes that are rarely used for many of our


New Feature: Apply Quick Payments

Autumn8 Build 339 adds a new way to keep track of the service dates that patient payments are meant to be applied to, including multiple dates for one payment! This feature allows you to apply specific amounts of each patient


New Feature: Lock a Note

Notes Build 384 debuts a new feature providing doctors the ability to lock a note after completion. The locked note feature allows you to prevent a note from future editing by anyone other than providers. In the Users screen under


New Feature: Purchase Orders

Autumn8 Build 341 adds an exciting new feature for clinics deal with a lot of inventory: purchase orders! This feature allows you to quickly create and populate purchase orders for each supplier, loading low­quantity products as well as any others