What does it mean to be an Autumn8 user?

Even before Autumn8 is installed for the very first time in your office, there are some very important considerations to make about what hardware and networking environment you will use to host the program.

The most common option is to purchase or nominate a computer inside your office to be the Autumn8 server. The term “server” simply means that this computer has the job of storing and protecting the data inside your Autumn8 program. Is is not necessary to use a Windows Server operating system or to install any special hardware. A normal desktop computer will suffice. This computer must meet certain strict standards of operational memory (RAM) and processing power in order to fulfill this role, but in addition to hosting and serving the Autumn8 data, the computer will also function as a workstation for Autumn8. Essentially, this means that one of your computers will be much stronger than the others, but Autumn8 will run on all of them. If you are following this model, your other workstation computers must also adhere to minimum system requirements, though these are about half as stringent as those imposed on your server. The system requirements can be viewed here: LINK Your network should be a wired gigabit ethernet connection between the router and all workstations. If you need help discerning whether this is already true in your office, we can help!

The other option for hosting Autumn8 is to use our cloud service called Autumn8 Anywhere. This service costs a little extra, but takes away all of the system requirements for your workstations. In addition, it allows you to access Autumn8 from multiple offices, from home, and while on the road. While Autumn8 requires Windows operating system in order to run natively, the Autumn8 Anywhere system alleviates this limitation, and allows you to use Autumn8 even on a Mac.

As soon as a new user submits their order form, we will schedule an installation appointment with your office. There is no technical expertise required on your part whatsoever; we will take care of the whole process remotely! You don’t need to bring in an IT professional or shut down your clinic, the installation will only take an hour or two. While it is customary to install on all of your computers at once, we can start out with just your server, or server plus a few workstations while you build up your computer inventory.

In order to invite our experts into your computers so that we can begin the install, you will need access to the internet. Unless you select the Autumn8 Anywhere cloud hosting service, your internet speed doesn’t matter a great deal. If you do elect to go with Autumn8 Anywhere, a custom server will be built just for your office, and this process takes approximately two weeks.

If you desire to keep the patient data previously entered in another software system when switching to Autumn8, we can offer you a data conversion service. Conversions bridge the demographics, insurance policies, diagnoses, master fee schedule and master insurance company list only. They do not include previous appointments, charges, claims, payments or visit notes. Not every system allows copying or conversion of their database, and sometimes there can be fees associated with the extraction or data dump process. Conversions are never required, and you always have the option of starting fresh.

When a conversion is requested, the first step is to obtain a copy of your previous system’s data. Once we have that copy, you may continue using your old software, and we will complete and deliver the new data into your Autumn8 program in about one week.

Once Autumn8 is up and running in your office, it will be important for you and your staff to undergo some training steps in order to get comfortable with the new tools and features you will be using on a day­to­day basis. On the main screen of the Autumn8 program there is a button for Training On Demand, which takes you to a thorough library of topical videos that can be viewed an unlimited number of times. This menu includes a section for New Users, which guides you through the first several steps of setup and program customization. After that, each staff member in your office will have different videos that apply to them, and those can be viewed at their leisure from their own workstations.

A further option for training your office to use Autumn8 is to attend one of our regular Training Seminars in Pensacola, Florida. These seminars are held monthly, and alternate between new user classes and experienced user classes. Click here LINK to see our schedule of upcoming events! If a classroom setting isn’t your style, you can also arrange to come to Pensacola for a day of private training, or even bring one of our expert staff to your office for a day.

Finally, we do offer one­on­one training over the phone as a premium service, and blocks of 1.5 hours at a time can be purchased at your request.

No matter what software system you use, you will eventually find yourself in need of some tech support or customer service. Our support service is called Customer Care, and we strive to do just that ­ to care for both the every day and emergent needs of our valued users. Our Customer Care staff are highly trained, vastly experienced and work together in a mutually supportive office in Pensacola, Florida. When one Customer Care team member cannot immediately answer your question, they have access to a dozen more who are eager to share their knowledge and expertise. There are three ways to receive help from our Customer Care team: First, you can call us and leave a voicemail. These voicemails are returned within 30 minutes on average, and sometimes much faster. Secondly, you can send us an email, either from the Support section of this website or from any email client you like. Emails are treated with the same degree of urgency as voicemails, and so are returned within 30 minutes, on average. Finally, we offer a live chat support mechanism inside the Support section of this website, and an expert operator is available during every business day to answer questions live.

All of these options are available as part of our Customer Care service, which we highly encourage you to maintain, but is certainly not required. That service can be dropped and picked back up at any time with no penalties.

Autumn8 is a vibrant, living software program. As such, new features and urgent fixes are constantly being published for adoption by our users, up to 6 or 7 times in a single week! These updates keep the program relevant and ready to face the challenges faced at the sharp end of chiropractic business. In order to obtain an update, users simply grab them from this page LINK at their convenience. Each update contains all of the features added before it, so there is no need to download more than one file. Our Customer Care service includes access to these updates, and many of our clients update their software on a regular schedule that works for their office, such as once a week or once a month.