We have users in all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico. No matter where you are, there is someone nearby who loves Autumn8. Take a look at this map to see what some of them are saying.
The best way to learn more about our software is to schedule a free demo with us. A demo allows us to invite you into our computer so that we can show you around the program and answer any specific questions you might have about software features and functionality. A full demo usually takes about an hour. We schedule demo appointments Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm central. All you will need for the demo is a computer with internet access.

There are lots of ways to get signed up to use Autumn8. Click here to see our different pricing packages. If you have questions about any of our packages, discounts or payment plans please call our sales department at 800-­645-­4309 or fill out the demo form and we will contact you shortly.
We offer two different ways to get started with our program. The server based option is the most common way to get started with Autumn8. With the server based platform we install the program directly onto the computers in your office. If you go with the Cloud platform we host a server for you and you are able to access the program remotely from various locations and devices. Which platform you choose will likely come down to the needs of your clinic in terms of accessibility and cost.
Yes! The user friendliness of our program is something we hear from our current users all the time!
As soon as we receive your order form we will contact your office to set up an installation appointment for you at a time that is convenient for your clinic. For the server based platform we can usually schedule an appointment for you to install the program onto your computers within one or two business days of receiving your order form as long as your hardware is in place. If are implementing the cloud platform it usually takes about two weeks to set up your service.
While there are a few additional services we sell separately such as data conversions, Autumn8 Secure Back­up Service, and our patient portal, we only sell the program as a whole. Autumn8 is a full practice management software designed to meet a wide variety of Chiropractic office and clinical note needs. While our clients may not all utilize all of the software’s features in the same way we sell all our features as a bundle so that everyone of our clients owns the full potential of our software.
Absolutely! From billing and nutrition to our chart notes, Autumn8 is highly customizable.
As soon as you become a member of our tgi family we will send you a library of training videos via email. The training videos cover all aspects of the programs features and functions and are divided into topic categories for easy reference. The training videos will also always be available for you to access in the program as well. Your welcome email will also contain a few training guide sheets that your clinic may use as a road map of the key features or steps to cover for getting started with the program. We will also introduce you to a few members of our technical support team who will serve as your new user guides while you are first getting started with the program. These team members will follow up with you during the first few weeks of your transition to answer any questions you have and guide you through your initial billing operations. Our full technical support team will also of course be on hand to answer your questions through our technical support service or live chat.
We offer friendly and prompt technical support Monday through Friday from 8am central to 5pm central via our customer service line. When you call into our support line you will leave a message stating your clinic name, phone number, and your reason for calling. We know that your time is valuable so we ask that you leave a message so that we do not have to leave you on hold. The next available technical support team member will call you back as soon as possible. Our goal is a thirty minute call back time. If you have a shorter question or do not want to call you may also utilize our only chat feature available through this website.

All of our technical support representatives reside in the US. With the exception of a few of our West coast care team members all of our technical support team work out of our home office in Pensacola, Florida. Want to meet the tgi family? Just click the link below.

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All of the Autumn8 purchase options come with some amount of customer care included in the package. If you chose the basic bundle with six months of customer care included you will have the option to purchase more support as needed. There is no penalty for letting your customer care plan lapse and we let you chose the support package that best fits your needs. For a list of those prices please see the Support page.

Our Autumn8 users have access to all of our updates and upgrades as long as they have some amount of Customer Care / Support. No matter how long you have been without a customer care plan, whenever you renew your support we always give you the latest update or version of the program. We are always updating the program to add new features and to make necessary accommodations to the ever changing insurance billing landscape. That being said, not all updates are mandatory or required. To keep up with important updates and new features, we recommend regular visits to this blog