I was told chiropractors are quacks…

And I believed it for the first 30 years of my life. Then I had a low back problem that did not respond to medical treatment, so in desperation I tried Chiropractic myself.

I became a believer… even a zealot for chiropractic!

I spent the next several years promoting chiropractors and their business, dedicating my advertising and marketing business to helping chiropractors grow, through The Growth Institute (TGI). Why? Because the more successful my clients were, the more people would be helped. It was my small way of changing the world.

As I worked with chiropractors into the middle 90’s I realized that documentation was a growing problem for my clients, and even all chiropractors. It had the potential to undermine the financial world of chiropractic, if not handled correctly. This was the inspiration for TGI Software. As our user base increased, more and more of our clients asked that we develop an integrated practice management system to go along with the Notes solutions we already had. Autumn8 is the result of meeting that need.

TGI Software has grown and grown, and I have been blessed over the years with a collection of amazingly talented and kind co-workers. The love for chiropractic has been an easy passion for them to catch, and it remains the foundation for everything TGI Software does.

-Hal Calisch, Founder