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Customer Care is tgi Software’s tech support and customer service team, an expert unit that strives to answer your questions and solve any issues you encounter in a timely and efficient manner. Our support staff is located in Pensacola, Florida and available from 8:00 – 5:00 Central Time, Monday to Friday. The prices for Customer Care are listed here below. You can receive Customer Care support in three ways: leave a voicemail, send us an email, or live chat with us.


You can speak to our Customer Care team by calling 850-­456­-4139 and leaving a detailed voicemail with your clinic phone number, doctor’s name, and reason for your call. These voicemails are returned in the order they are received, generally within 30 minutes or less. We have a team of expert Customer Care representatives that will work together to ensure your issue is resolved.
You can send our Customer Care team an email by clicking the “Request Help” button on this page, or by emailing us directly at Emails are returned in the order they are received, generally within 30 minutes or less. Please indicate in your email whether you prefer an answer by email or by phone.
If you have a straightforward question which does not require lengthy explanation or an invitation to your computer, you should use our live chat support, QuickCare! Just look for the popup invitation at the bottom right of this page. An expert operator is available during business hours to answer your questions. QuickCare allows you to get quick questions answered without a wait.

In order to purchase support, you will need to fill out this form and fax it back to 850-254-7047. You will be eligible to receive help once we confirm receipt of the form.

All of the above services are included with Customer Care, which is priced as follows:

-6 Months of Service
-1 Year of Service
-1 Year of Service (in payments)

$75/month for 12 months

Additional Services

Autumn8 Secure Backup
WellnessZone Patient Portal

$350 Per Year
$300 Per Year