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As part of Customer Care, our expert support team strives to ensure every member of your office is properly trained in the use of your Autumn8 software. It is important for you and your staff to be comfortable operating the software for each of your daily office needs. To facilitate this, we offer five training options to choose from, so that you may find the one that best suits your office.

This is our most popular option for training! Autumn8 offers an extensive library of short, specifically labeled and targeted videos covering every concept in Autumn8 and Notes. This library is located inside your copy of Autumn8 and is accessible from the main screen on each workstation. Each member of your team can view the videos that are specifically tailored to their role in your office. These videos can be accessed an unlimited number of times and are frequently updated as exciting new features are released.
We offer regular training seminars at our office in Pensacola, Florida. These seminars are held monthly, and alternate between New User Classes and Experienced User Classes. Any member of your staff can attend these seminars for $150 a seat.

Attendees will learn from an expert about every screen and feature in Autumn8 and A8Notes, and will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. In the New User Class, the instruction will focus more on concepts and techniques for successfully operating Autumn8 and A8Notes, and as such these sessions are perfect for both new offices and new employees from established offices. The Experienced User Class will focus on the connections between screens, the mastery of data, and best practices. You can purchase seminar seats by speaking to one of our sales representatives at 800­645-4309. Click on our Event Calendar to view our upcoming seminar dates.

For a more personalized training experience, you can arrange for up to 3 members of your staff to travel to our office in Pensacola, Florida for a day of private training. The instruction will be based on the unique needs of your office, and provides you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like, one-­on-­one with an expert. The cost of this training option is $500, and can be arranged by speaking to one of our sales representatives at 800-­645-­4309.
Want to train your entire staff at once, but can’t afford to travel? Arrange to have one of our expert staff travel to your office for a day of in-­office training! You and your staff will have the opportunity to receive training on the Autumn8 software while at their native workstations and with access to your own data and accounts. The cost of this training is $1000 per training day, plus travel, food and lodging expenses. This unparalleled training experience can be arranged by speaking to one of our sales representatives at 800­-645-­4309.
We now offer one-­on-­one, over the phone training as a premium service. These training sessions are scheduled in blocks of 90 minutes at a time with one of our expert trainers. Instruction will be based on your specific needs for training and will be scheduled at your preferred time during our business hours. The topics and specifics of your training will be sorted out before the session so that none of your training time is spent explaining what you need. You can purchase one of these premium blocks for $200 by calling our sales staff at 800­-645-­4309.